Finally: A Law Enforcement Grade Smartphone Breathalyzer

Finally: A Law Enforcement Grade Smartphone Breathalyzer

Looking for a better way to know if you’re under the limit than counting the times you almost fall down on the way across the parking lot to your car? Good news: there’s now a legit smartphone breathalyzer in the works that will tell you exactly how smashed(or sober) you are.

Let’s say you are celebrating a friend’s birthday with pitchers of margaritas. Those tasty lime concoctions can pack quite a punch, and you realize after a few rounds that driving to dinner across down may not be the wisest choice. Whip out Alcohoot, check your BAC, and let actual numbers (rather than the illusion of sobriety) dictate your next move.

The app has tools to monitor your booze levels throughout the night. You can see as your alcohol level goes up or down and track your boozing over longer periods of time.

The company making this device plans to have the first batch produced by September of this year, at a price of $75. That’s not exactly cheap, but it beats the cost of DUI by quite a bit, so it might end up being a good investment if you, like us, tend to spend a lot of your time under the influence.


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