This Woman Got A DUI On The Way To Court For A DUI

This Woman Got A DUI On The Way To Court For A DUI

Hi, everybody. Meet Thomasine Harjo. On December 26th, she plowed through officers and police tape into the crime scene of a fatal accident in Oklahoma City. Suprise, she was drunk. And as it turns out when you’re drunk, you might not make the best decisions. Or have the greatest excuse.

Police also asked Harjo why she didn’t stop when she saw the police barricade. She told them she was just following the car in front of her, although there was no other vehicle in the area. Police arrested Harjo. She told them she couldn’t go to jail because she had to make a court appearance in the morning. When the officer asked her what the court appearance was for, she replied, “DUI.

Note to self: Never party with Thomasine Harjo unless you want to be a crime scene investigator but didn’t go to school for it.

(via Oklahoma City News 9)

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