Jason London Got Drunk, Beat Up, Then Crapped In A Cop Car

Jason London Got Drunk, Beat Up, Then Crapped In A Cop Car

Anybody remember Jason London? Well, just a heads up, if he’s drunk at a bar, don’t sneeze in his face. Because then you’ll have to beat him up and he’ll have to shit his pants in a cop car.

On his way to the police station … Jason uttered a homophobic slur to the cops … saying, “Guess what fa**ot? I f***ing love this. I f***ing own you guys so hard. I’m rich and I’m a motherf***ing famous actor! F***ing look me up, bitch.” Jason continued … “It smells like s**t in your car and your breath smells like diarrhea.” According to the police report, Jason then leaned to the left and crapped in his pants. Jason then said, “I told you I’m happy as s**t.” The next day, cops say they spoke with Jason’s wife Sofia who told them … “I know he’s an a**hole when he drinks.”

Cool story, bro. Even better story on Twitter.

“I would never say or do the crap they are reporting. Have faith in me. The truth will come out and you will see.” He continues, “Some guy thought I was hitting on his girl and had me jumped. My wife was in the next room, had no idea what even happened. I hate Arizona.”

I don’t know why Jason is so upset, because everybody who entered the Greatest Mugshot Of All Time contest is obviously playing for second place.

Source = TMZ

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